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You belong to an affiliate program or two.
Your referral fees don't add up to much.

Maybe you should give the money away.

Affiliate programs are set up by e-commerce retailers such as and as a way to reward website owners who generate sales for the retailer.

A website owner signs up as an affiliate receives a code, which may be made up of letters or numbers, which is embedded into hypertext links to the retailer's website. Any sales that are a result of that link earn the website owner a commission. Once the commissions earned is greater than a set amount (usually $100), the website owner receives a check.

GiveQuick's has teamed up with the Strawless Challenge and create a directory the allows website owners to earmark their commissions to the nonprofit of their choice (or to a randomly selected nonprofit in our directory, using the Giving Tree). This means that the nonprofit's commissions will grow faster, utilizing the fees generated by a growing number of sites, and receiving a larger check than they otherwise would have.

This is different from online "malls" that aggregate referral fees and then redistribute the money among many nonprofits. Any money generated through these links moves directly from e-commerce retailers to nonprofits, so there is no overhead to be skimmed.

Get involved by changing the links on your site, asking nonprofits to join affiliate programs and be listed here, and spreading the word.

You don't have to be a current affiliate program member to participate in the GiveQuick! program.

We take no money out of any referral fees generated. We are doing this because it needs to be done.

You are encouraged to give your time and money to the causes that interest you.
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